Thursday, April 16, 2015

How Michael Dadoun Made Upclick A Leader In Ecommerce Solutions

When you have thousands of workers working under you, it is important to be a charismatic and dynamic leader. That is exactly what Michael Dadoun is and it is his sharp business acumen and outstanding leadership skills that have made Upclick a name to reckon with in the world of e-commerce solutions. He is a quality leader with complete faith in his own capabilities and skills. He possesses a strong vision along with unflinching determination and commitment to translate this into reality with the help of his co-workers. Dadoun is known for being extremely committed and passionate about his organization and employees and continues to be a role model for them because of his honesty, integrity, passion and diligence.

What made Michael Dadoun Montreal a leading e-commerce firm?

Upclick based in Montreal, Canada, has evolved into a leading online payment processing solutions company under the leadership of Michael Dadoun. As a leader, he has excelled in motivating his employees to put in their best efforts in the interest of the company. He is known for his innovative thinking and ability to take calculated risks. He has shown outstanding resilience in handling and overcoming all sorts of challenges in this industry which is rife with challenges and hardships.

Michael Dadoun is a quality leader who is very much grounded and does not believe in displaying arrogance. He has amazing interpersonal skills and communication skills that allow him to understand his workers better. His listening skills have brought him closer to his employees; he has even included their inputs and feedback whenever he found them to be practicable and beneficial for the company. This is why his subordinates hold immense respect for him as a leader. In this way, his profound understanding of human values, unwavering determination and commitment, have helped him and his company scale newer heights of success in record time.


  1. Michael Dadoun, UpClick CEO, is one of the most enthusiastic, dedicated, and energetic persons you may have ever met. The way he has driven his organization to success exhibits.

  2. Michael Dadoun has nurtured UpClick to be one of the most sought-after organizations offering tailor-made solutions to online entrepreneurs.