Sunday, July 12, 2015

Leadership Approach in the Age of Information Technology

Advancement in digital technologies has unsettled everything, including leadership approaches.

Today employees want more empowerment.  For Michael Dadoun, Upclick proved to be a revelation for this paradigm shift in employee behavior.

Members of the staff want more ownership while on the job. They detest instruction because they like being proactive.

At the marketing level, Michael Dadoun is seeing that customers want to contribute in the advertising and development process. 

This certainly is a ground-breaking change in staff attitude. 

Dadoun says, “Autocratic functioning does not work anymore. An organization must be flexible and open. It must not be a place where all ideas and direction come exclusively from the top”. So true. 

For Michael Dadoun, Upclick was an eye opener. He realized leaders must play the role of a collaborator, rather than a commander.

All this for good reason – employees and customers are shunning autocratic leadership styles and leaders who display domineering and high handed attitudes.

“We want to be empowered and connected”, says a staff member of an Information Technology company. “Only in an environment of collaboration can a company expect increased loyalty, profit, innovation and growth”.

Dadoun is of the view that all leaders in this IT age must see this shift in attitude.

Dadoun is not the only person who has been witnessing newer way of leading in the last two or three decades. Good leaders across IT sector are realizing what makes an IT company click. 

Today’s digital technologies like big data, cloud, and smartphone are transforming the market. 

Relationships and information are the key drivers of companies. Digital technologies have thrown up new tricks to attract new customers and satisfy and retain the existing ones. 

Michael Dadoun, by responding to this new shift in employee attitude, is allowing his staff to participate in the decision making process, rather than tell them what to do and why. 

For Michael Dadoun, Upclick was a path of discovery. He clearly understands how to create modernization, growth and profit. 

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