Wednesday, November 25, 2015

For Michael Dadoun, UpClick Offering Newer Digital Landscapes

For Michael Dadoun, UpClick has provided an opportunity to hone his skills and offer supportive solutions to e-entrepreneurs. 

A vibrant payment processing solution has the potential to do wonders to e-retailers’ business transactions.

UpClick, with its assortment of top-end features, is enabling marketers to extend their sales reach by unlocking a portfolio of over 50 international payment methods. 

It is no wonder has already established itself as the most complete online payment platform in the market. 

However, for IT captains like Dadoun, pushing Canada farther into the e-domain means more work to be done.

Canada is at cross roads.

It is spending billions of dollars annually on information and technology. The objective of the government and other agencies is to cope with the dual challenges this country is facing – development and global competitiveness. 

Canadian leaders want the country to harness information technology to manage domestic governance and advance social justice, while simultaneously re-establishing the country’s preeminence as an e-commerce workhorse. 

Harnessing Mobile 

As e-commerce makes notable headway, so does mobile applications. 

Mobile allows consumers to provide better experience for consumers. 

As one successful digital entrepreneur put it, “There is an element of efficiency attached to mobile. It can drive revenue because merchants by being more responsive differentiate themselves from competition.”

Michael Dadoun all along has been reiterating that technology has become so accessible that SMEs can now test 'what-if' scenarios. 

Michael Dadoun of Montreal is presently CEO of, a leading payment processing solution. He is also associated with Lavasoft and Kutoto, Inc.

For Michael Dadoun, UpClick is a platform where he is able to visualize newer vistas for Canada to forge ahead.

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