Thursday, December 24, 2015

Why Michael Dadoun of Montreal is an Exceptional Leader

To excel in the world of business, you need a leader who can lead from the front and Michael Dadoun does exactly that. Michael Dadoun of Montreal has helped Upclick, a company which he had co-founded emerge as a pioneer online payment processing solutions provider. Michael Dadoun of Upclick has excellent business acumen, sharp foresight, great communication skills and personnel management skills.

These qualities have helped Michael Dadoun of Montreal-based Upclick, becomes a leader with the power to drive a huge workforce and enable them to put in their best efforts to push the company from strength to strength. He has discipline, dynamism, intelligence, determination and he believes in making his subordinates passionate and committed to achieving business goals. He understands that employees will work better only when the atmosphere at the workplace is healthy and conducive to delivering the best results. 

This is why he does not think that it is right that employees are reprimanded for poor performance; rather, he feels that encouraging them and overlooking their mistakes will ensure that they feel self-confident to work better in the future. He realizes the value of keeping their moral high at all times and employees are automatically found to work better under his guidance.

Michael Dadoun of Montreal is therefore a leader like no other because he fully understands the importance of work ethics, passion and commitment and, most importantly, discipline. His sound communication skills have helped in making his organization successful; he is responsive to worker grievances and understands that a good leader has to listen to his people. He can emotionally connect with his subordinates and inspire them to achieve more for themselves and for the organization as a whole. He is open to taking risks in trying to attain his goals and is not willing to sit down and relax even when targets have been met. His is continuously striving to strengthen his organization and his passion and relentless endeavors have make Upclick what it is today, a leader in offering tailor-made payment solutions for thousands of businesses online. 

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