Friday, January 29, 2016

Michael Dadoun an Honest and Hardworking Leader

Ambition, determination and inquisitiveness to succeed are a few attributes of every businessman. Michael Dadoun is a man of action dedicated to his work and always looking for more. While at the helm of affairs as the CEO, he has brought Upclick to international fame by creating an easy online payment processing system. 

Michael is a great team man. He has great skills and has been able to inspire his colleagues and subordinates not to get disheartened with minor hiccups while working on a project.  He has the ability to keep the entire work place free of tensions with some positive talks. Being an excellent communicator he has the knack of catching the attention of the staff.

Yet another good quality of Michael Dadoun is that he is a doer and not a mere talker. He joins in every discussion and is always behind his team advising them and encouraging them. He is a good listener too. He always gives an attentive ear to the suggestions and opinions of his subordinates. He discusses with them the steps to be taken and the possible plans and the moves to be implemented while working on a project. 

Michael Dadoun is an outstanding leader. He never defers from appreciating the efforts of his subordinates when their suggestions help in finding solutions. On the other hand, in case of any delays or failures he never shirked away and blamed them but as a leader, took equal responsibility. He understands success will not come without challenges. He welcomed competition and finds it healthy for the success of every business. 

Michael Dadoun, Montreal born financial analyst by profession has a great work experience and is presently the CEO of Upclick, which he had co-founded about 5 years earlier. He is also the board director in Kutoto Inc, LULU software and Lavasoft. He is also a principal with Solaria Fund. 

Michael Dadoun is man on a mission of creating a trouble free online payment processing system. Michael Dadoun Montreal entrepreneur is working hard to achieve his goals for the companies in his various capacities. 

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