Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What makes Michael Dadoun of Montreal so Popular

Michael Dadoun, Montreal based Upclick’s CEO, has given the online businesses a big boost by getting excellent a solutions to issues of the online payment processing system, thereby ensuring better buying and selling of products online. He has brought about many changes in the consumers’ and merchant’s minds about the safety and security of online business. The scope of business increases vastly with their going online as they get more exposure into wider markets.

Lead by example: A leader is expected to follow what he expects others to do. Michael Dadoun, Montreal residentbased entrepreneur works along with his team and shares all the credits and blames that they get. He is quick in acknowledging the works of his subordinates and also does not shirk away from taking the blame if there is a failure or delay in a project. 

Lead with a vision:  A leader must be dedicated, and have a positive approach, and working with honesty. Michael Dadoun Upclick CEO was concerned about the online business in the country as it was hadving a slow growth in comparison to US and European markets. He, along with his team of employees, worked hard and has coame up with a successful solution that has transformed the online business. He is stillnow working on various other projects and looking to improve upon his achievements. 

Excellent communicator: Good communication skills are vital for a leader’s success. Michael’s command and smooth, convincing communication skills have got him a lot ohuge number of followers and listeners. The subordinates are convinced and motivated well and they put in their best efforts for him and the company. He is a keen listener and learner. too. He gives full attention to the views and opinions of his subordinates and colleagues. 

Michael Dadoun Montreal resident is a well educated and experienced personality. He is a chartered financial analyst by profession. andHe started his career as an analyst with Norton. He co-founded Upclick and is board director with a few more businesses. 

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  1. Good leaders like Michael Dadoun have foresightedness, which enables them to peak in the future and see for themselves the change and challenges the coming days are going to bring.